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Washer FAQ

The laundry services Washers can provide include the following:

(1) Wash & Dry

(2) Dry Cleaning

(3) Hang

(4) Fold

(5) Iron

The laundry services Washers can provide include the following:

(1) Wash & Dry

(2) Dry Cleaning

(3) Hang

(4) Fold

(5) Iron

You are easily able to contact Washee/Courier through the in-app messaging feature.

You can select “Chats” on the bottom Nav and then you can write the concerned message.

This depends on the delivery speed and pre-agreed “Collection and Return” time set by the Washee.

An “express” delivery speed expects a turnaround of 24 hours while “normal” delivery speed could be 48 hours or longer.

The laundry service required is expected to be completed before the return time.

Different items have different laundry service prices attached to them set by Wash@Home.

In terms of payment, the Washer gets 75% whilst Wash@Home gets the remaining 25%.

Your earnings accumulate for (7 days) before you are able to redeem the money from your wallet into your PayPal account or Bank Account.

Payments will be made at the end of each (7 days).

You need to have a Bank Account or a PayPal Personal \ Business Account (we recommend having a PayPal Account, You can create an account from the link below):

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone: +1 (888) 564 – 7475

We value your feedback on how we can continue to improve our services.

You can reach the customer service team using the following info:

Phone: +1 (888) 564 – 7475

Currently, we are active in (All the states in America) 


Orders can only be received through the mobile app. To use the app, you would be required to sign up.

The sign up process requires you to provide information such as your email, laundry services you can provide, etc. 

Afterwards, your profile would be pending until approval before you start receiving orders.

Every Washer has the freedom to take breaks whenever and however they want.

If you want to take a break from receiving new orders, you can toggle off the “availability” button on the home screen.

It is important to note that active orders would still need to be fulfilled by Washer.

Based on when the Washee’s clothes are picked up and returned, you have the freedom to plan when you would fulfill the laundry service required. However, it is recommended to do so as soon as possible


It entirely depends on your preference. You have the complete freedom to choose whether you want to pickup and return orders .

It is important to note that you also receive additional pay for doing “pickup and return”.

Washers are given a grace period which allows them to cancel their order 3 hours before the Washee’s laundry items are scheduled to be picked up.

Unfortunately, once the grace period has elapsed, order cannot be cancelled. See more on our terms of service.

We aim to assign Washees that are the closest to you (usually within 5 miles).

You also have the ability to set the maximum distance you are willing to travel . You do so by selecting “More” > “Settings” > “Pickup & Return”, then picking your maximum distance.

Wash@Home is an online marketplace where users can get their laundry done or earn money by doing laundry for others. 

There are three types of users on the Wash@Home app: 

(1) Washee: User who needs to have their laundry done.

(2) Washer: User who does the Washee’s laundry.

(3) Courier: User who delivers laundry.

Washees and Couriers also have the same grace period of being allowed to cancel their order 3 hours before it is scheduled to be picked-up. 

If the Washee cancels during this grace period, you would be assigned another order. 

If Courier cancels during this grace period, they would be replaced by another Courier

The Wash@Home app is available to download on both the Apple and Google Play stores.


When you receive new orders they appear on the “Pending Orders” Home screen page. You have to view that order before you can accept the order .

If orders are not accepted in time they expire and are assigned to another Washer.

(1)  Download Wash@Home app from Apple or Google Play store.

(2) Load the app on your phone

(3) On the Sign up screen , enter the required information and click the “Sign up” button to create your account.

Here are a few recommendations when receiving or returning laundry items:

-Message Washee/Courier if there are any concerns

-If you are picking up an order, you are required to have hanging scales to measure the weight of “lot” items. (“Lot” items are laundry items priced together as a bulk)

-Count the Laundry items upon receiving and returning them

-Make sure they approve receiving the items from you on the application

As soon as your profile is approved you will be notified after which you will begin to receive orders.


These are the 3 different types of users, all with different goals.

(1) Washee: User who needs to have their laundry done.

(2) Washer: User who does the Washee’s laundry.

(3) Courier: User who delivers laundry.

The Washee and Washer can deliver laundry items as well.

On the “Sign-In” page, you select the “Forgot Password” link

Any of the 3 Users (Washee, Washer and Courier) can switch to another user type within the app.

This can be done from the “More” section. On the “More” section, select “Profile”, then “switch accounts” and press the “next” button.

Note: If a Washer switches to a Courier they will be required to provide more information to be approved.

In the mobile app select “More” > “Profile” > “Profile Details”, make the desired changes to your username/email and press the “next” button.

We are able to provide you as much work as you can handle. This will depend on different factors such as your washing machine capacity, dryer capacity and the number of your current active orders.

Wash@Home is completely flexible to your needs,  — you can choose exactly when you want to work and how many orders you take in a day (within reason). The power is in your hands

The requirements to be a Washer are as follows:

(1) Proof of employment authorization in the US.

(2) Smartphone – iPhone or Android.

(3) Necessary laundry equipment e.g Washing Machine/Dryer.

(4) Be 18 years old or over with no criminal convictions.